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by on December 27th, 2009

After launching Chrome Extensions in December 2009, Google has already attracted literally thousands of developers who’ve created thousands of Chrome Extension which are live on the Google Chrome Extensions Page. This blog is dedicated to working through the Chrome Extensions and then finding and reviewing some of the most useful plug ins.

Extensions are Google’s answer to Firefox¬† Add-ons. The biggest advantage of Chrome Extensions are that they have no impact on the speed of the Google Chrome browser. You won’t feel any speed change with no extensions or 100 extensions running in Google Chrome. This is not necessarily the case with Firefox add-ons which do seem to impact the speed of the Firefox browser.

If you’ve found a Extension that is not yet reviewed or rated, please feel free to do a quick write-up on the extension using the “Review an Chrome Extension” page. All Extensions reviewed in this manner will automatically be added to the list of add ons and will be voted for by the community.

Feel free to rate these extensions using the “Vote” and “Demote” buttons provided to help the community easily distinguish between Chrome Extensions that add value and those that don’t.


Google Chrome Extension: Aviary Screen Capture

by on January 9th, 2010

The Aviary Screen Capture Chrome Extension must be one of the greatest examples of the power and usefullness of browser extensions or add ons in general, showing the power and versatility a extension brings to your browsing experience. This Chrome Extension enables you to capture a screen shot of any page you are browsing and then to edit the screen shot using a web based browser interface. The simple interface allows you to:

  • Crop the screen shot
  • Select certain portions
  • Change colours
  • Add text
  • Add arrows
  • Highlight certain areas
  • Add various shapes
  • Add shadows
  • Add borders

But you can also choose to use this screen capture Chrome Extension with:

  • The Advanced Image Editor which has so many functions that it would take a book to list them all, but it can be best described as an online Photoshop application with all the bells and wistles you could possibly need to create truly amazing graphics
  • The Effects editor which allows you to add effects to your images on the go. These effects create great looking images.

All images created with this extension can be easily saved to your desktop or to an online location. This Chrome extension is a true showcase of the power of extensions. The only downside to this extension is that you are redirected to the Aviary site where the magic happens. We highly reccommend this Crhome Extension!


Google Chrome Extension: Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer

by on January 9th, 2010

Apart from Twitter, one of the Chrome Extensions categories with the most options already availble is Facebook. There are literally hundreds of Facebook Extensions or at least extensions tagged with “Facebook”. Our Facebook Chrome Extension of choice is Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer which offers the following features:

  1. Provides Bigger Profile Pictures and Photos Pop up on the same page without the need to click and load
    Popups a bigger picture when you hovering the mouse over thumbnails of profile pictures or photos, even if the person is not your friend. It then disappear when you move the mouse off the small picture. You can also hold Ctrl, Shift or Alt when putting the mouse over a picture to prevent the popup from appearing, or hold them when taking the mouse off a picture to keep the popup open.
  2. Fixed Top Menu Bar
    Keep the top menu bar on the screen, even after scrolling down.
  3. Fixed Left Filter List
    Keep the left filter list visible even after scrolling down.
  4. Bottom Menu Bar Transparency
    Makes the bottom menu bar 10% transparent.
  5. Highlights Today’s Birthdays
    Highlights your friends’ birthdays which occurs on today.
  6. Favicon Alerts
    Alerts you the number of unread notifications which is overlaid on Facebook icon.
  7. Facebook ChatBar++
    Gives you a collection of emoticons that you can click in Facebook Chat.
  8. Reload Button on Top Menu Bar
    Adds a “Reload” button on top menu bar of Facebook pages.
    Did you know that clicking browser’s reload button actually re-downloads the page along with images and everything? This script adds a “Reload” button in the top menubar on Facebook, clicking it just resets the URL to the same URL it already was, causing the page to update real fast without re-downloading images.
  9. Replace Text Smiley
    Replace text smileys (eg. “:-)”, “:)”, etc.) with graphical smileys.
    (graphics by
  10. Remove Top Menu Bar Redundancy
    Remove the redundancy of the top menu bar. The “Home” button is removed since the facebook logo RIGHT BESIDE IT is also a link to go home. This also turn the “Profile” button into your name.
  11. Remove Sponsored Section
    Remove the “Sponsored” section from the right sidebar.
  12. Remove Connect with Friends
    Remove the “Connect with Friends” section from the right sidebar.
  13. Rounded Profile Tabs
    Makes the tabs in your profile rounded corners.
  14. Simple Uploader
    Always use Simple Uploader for adding Facebook photos. Automatically and immediately load the Simple Uploader for photos everytime you go to the photo upload page. Bypass the Java Upload method that always takes so long to load.
  15. Change Page Title
    Remove “Facebook |” from the page title.
  16. Add Protocol Links
    Add Protocol Links to Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo, and Windows Live in the Profile Info Contact Information section.
  17. Remove “Attending,” “Attended,” “Became Fan,” “Joined Group,” “Now Friends”messages from your Facebook homepage feeds. Leaving behind just the standard Facebook applications such as status updates, wall posts, links, notes, photos, etc.

This is a great Facebook Chrome Extension and deserves the top spot alongside all the other Facebook Extensions out there.


Google Chrome Extension: Chromed Bird Reviewed

by on January 9th, 2010

There are already quite a number of Twitter Google Chrome Extensions, no less than 100 extensions are tagged with Twitter. We use and recommend Chromed Bird as the Twitter Extension of choice to use with Chrome for the following reasons:

  • It’s open source.
  • Its visible and accessible form any page as it resides on the Google Chrome toolbar.
  • It indicates when you’ve received new tweets
  • You can tweet directly from the extension without opening Twitter
  • This Chrome Extension has a mark as read button for Twitter which comes in really handy
  • It’s really fast

We could probably go on all day to try and convince you to use this chrome extension but the easiest way to convince yourself is to add this extension and try it out. Like all other chrome extensions the Chromed Bird extension installs without the need to restart Google Chrome.


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